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Yoga at Home. How to get started.

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

So you’ve become a regular yoga class goer, but the momentum is occasionally broken by family sickness or work commitments. You have the space at home for your yoga mat, but can’t seem to get down to it. I can hear myself saying to my two boys, ‘if you want to be good at something it requires practice and practice and practice!’ Easier said than done, right? But it’s true, a yoga practice is just that … a practice. So here are some tips to get you regularly downward dogging or resting in Savasana at home.

Find and create a clean, quiet space that draws you in.

Look for a space that may have some of these qualities: open window, uncluttered space, room to stretch, and a relaxing object like a candle or picture of a mountain to get you in the mood. It can be anywhere, as long as you have enough space around you so you don’t bump into anything!

Have all your equipment handy.

All you really need is a non-slip yoga mat. Bolsters are great too and help with increasing flexibility and deepening relaxation, or you can just use a stack of pillows or blankets. If you can, leave your mat and bolsters and blankets in your yoga space, to remind you of your asanas.

Make the time. Don’t wait to find the time.

Set a regular time each day, so you can guarantee that disturbances and distractions will not give you the Dr Seuss Yoga Excuse. Even 10 minutes of yoga is beneficial to your wellbeing.

Choose 4 postures that suit or balance the way you feel.

If you’re tired, stick to floor postures and relaxation meditation. If you’re scattered and anxious do grounding standing vinyasa that help flow movements together. Once you’ve got your practice flowing, you can customise to what your mind and body feels along the way. So keep listening.

Always begin with stillness and mindfulness.

Before doing any movement, simply observe the natural breath and quieten your mind. Find a comfortable seated or lying posture that lengthens the spine and softens the diaphragm.

Come from a place of self-love, not a rush to change.

Let go of the idea that you need to do something or be something, and just be brave enough to be ok with where you are. You are intuitive enough if you move slowly enough. Stay connected to the breath that can guide that deeper connection and confidence.

Practice with mindfulness.

Always be mindful of your vulnerable areas such as knees, spine and neck – never force a pose. If you feel pain, adjust and soften the pose, or come out of it if you need to.

Remember to move in all directions.

This way you know you have completed a balanced asana practice that will leave you feeling light and energetic, ready to sit in stillness.

Awaken your inner teacher. Break some rules!

Being alone is a wonderful learning curve. It helps to awaken that attentive inner listener. Your body is constantly giving you messages, some energetic and some emotional. As you figure out and decode your self-language, your practice may even be breaking some of the textbook yoga rules!

Journal your self growth.

Some weeks will be harder than others to get to your mat, so build up a little library of inspirational books in your yoga space. It helps to keep a journal, so on those slower days you can read back on your amazing progress.

Getting individual attention when learning a new skill can make all the difference to your progress and self-understanding. It may be just what you need to regain your confidence. They are ideal for you if you are:

  • seeking a holistic option to getting well and staying well

  • wanting a tailored practice that serves your individual needs

  • have a chronic health issue that doesn't allow you to get to a class

  • need more motivation or a fresh start

  • want to make yoga your lifestyle

  • looking for a more therapeutic focus

  • seeking more self-confidence before joining a yoga class.

Your home yoga practice can be a place of discovery, play, and curiosity. It can even come with you on holidays and support you in times of trauma. Go find and create your very own beautiful yoga space today.

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