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Trauma Sensitive Yoga Canberra

rest &

FRIDAYS 9.30am


'Realize that this everybody, with its aches and pleasures ... is exactly what is needed to be fully human, fully awake, fully alive. Pema Chodran

Do you feel like you are surviving not thriving?

Are you struggling to find good rest?

Do you feel disconnected from your body?

Do you have PTSD?

As long as your nervous system is in survival mode, that response is driving your psychology. 

We often then have associated; 


chronic pain

depression and anxiety

weight gain


and inflammation

that leaves us feeling disempowered with

low motivation

resilience helps you build the muscle of being with difficulty. 

What if you learned to break patterns of stress using a heightened self awareness to down regulate your nervous system.

When you use awareness to self-regulate you lean into an existing wholeness that is untouched by trauma and pain.

This awakens unique human qualities of compassion, curiosity, creativity, and connection with others.

Rest and resilience often go hand in hand. 

Yet it is a challenge for us to find rest in a culture that praises 'more'.


So this class invites you to soften into the powerful possibility of thriving into resting right now. And the resilence will simply follow.

who is this class for?

This gentle, mindful, breath-centered yoga has a therapeutic focus, and can be done by every BODY, anytime, at any age, and mainly caters for those who like prefer a more mental health aware yoga, with evidence based practices.

Their are chair options always offered as well as the ability to find your own rhythms. 


what kind of yoga?

The 75 minute practice offers;

Viniyoga - breath centred hatha yoga 

Trauma sensitive breathwork

iRest guided Yoga Nidra meditation 30 mins

Kendra provides a safe and empowering space that allows your to rest into your essential nature.



Kendra’s gentle yet uplifting approach allows me to work at my own pace; progressing with my yoga practice in my own way.   After each class, my batteries feel recharged and my mind nourished.  I really am grateful to you Kendra for helping  me literally  place one

foot in front of the other physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Bethany

Kendra’s warmth, humanity, and compassion are communicated gently, as she guides me into a deepening, grounding yoga practice. The in-person classes are respectful and inclusive. This support and guidance Kendra offers, and the way she offers it is growing my resilience and ability to flow with the ebb and flow of everyday life. Love it! Highly recommend Kendra’s courses. Jude

This class is at level 1, 39 Jardine St Kingston

Please note this studio has no wheelchair access.


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