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FRIDAYS 9.30am

'Realize that this everybody, with its aches and pleasures ... is exactly what is needed to be fully human, fully awake, fully alive. Pema Chodran


Resilience is the art of being able to break patterns of stress using a heightened self awareness to down regulate your nervous system.

When you use awareness to self regulate you lean into an existing wholeness that is untouched by trauma and pain. This awakens unique human qualities of compassion, curiosity, creativity, and connection with others. Resilience isn't about avoiding what's difficult, or skipping over challenges.

Instead, resilience helps you build the muscle of being with difficulty. 



By building your resilience, you can train yourself to make wise decisions and access choice - even during times of incredible change and stress. It also helps you develop greater clarity, and a clearer sense of identity, meaning, and purpose.

This gentle mindful breath-centered yoga has a therapeutic focus, and can be done by every BODY, anytime, at any age, and mainly caters for those who like meditative movements, arriving in natural stillness and breath, followed by a 30 minute Yoga Nidra meditation. 

This class is popular so please secure your place today.

This class is a wonderful foundation for learning Yoga and preparation for the more advanced Yoga EMBODY WISDOM Class.


Slower movement practices can help you

reduce chronic pain,

alleviate depression and anxiety,

manage weight,

reduce fatigue, and

reduce inflammation.

How we celebrate slow


actively relax through movement and meditation

learn breath-centered movement

breathe effectively and build emotional stability

explore your relationship with your spine

embrace joint freeing series (Pavanmuktasana)

moving becomes sacred and playful again

nurture yourself and have time to reflect and let go

release tension and find the pain is a teacher

learn mindfulness

deeply relax on all levels with Yoga Nidra

Bethany Chadwick

As a sufferer of chronic back pain, I was desperately seeking a yoga class that would be kind to my body, without using force or straining to get into impossible postures.   Thankfully after trying out a few different yoga classes I found Kendra’s yoga classes.


Kendra’s gentle yet uplifting approach allows me to work at my own pace; progressing with my yoga practice in my own way.   After each class, my batteries feel recharged and my mind nourished.  I really am grateful to you Kendra for helping  me literally  place one

foot in front of the other physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Dianne Ryan

I joined Kendra’s Yoga class as I wanted to supplement my treatments of neck, back and knee problems with gentle exercise. Many months later I began to notice that when I feel better physically, it helps me mentally. The relaxation and meditation work seems to link my mind and body, and my depression is lifting as well.

This class is at Canberra Yoga Space

Level 1, Suite 6/13 Botany Street, Phillip 

Please note this studio has no wheelchair access.



KHA is grateful to live, create and learn on the sacred lands of the Ngunnawal people and acknowledges that these lands were never ceded. KHA is committed to a solidarity and support of right relationship with this land and the leadership of its traditional custodians.

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Kendra Healing Art's focus is on offering holistic mental, physical and spiritual development through embodiment and yogic healing. 

We recognize the body's profound wisdom as a journey to wholeness and happiness.

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