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Reflexology Canberra




Intuitive Reflexology differs from the Reflexology you may have had during a massage, as each treatment is

individually tailored to your needs at the time.

It addresses all of your body systems, and sub conscious mind, through

applying pressure to the maps on your ears hands face and mainly your feet. 
Reflexology is a Complementary Integrated Therapy,

working alongside the western medical model in major hospitals in Australia and throughout the world.

It does not promote exclusivity of treatment.  

Reflexology is a delight to receive and is deeply relaxing.

It's a non invasive way to for you to;


Relax your whole being

Activate your self healing abilities

Improve sleep patterns

Help you through stressful circumstances

Help your feet function well

Treating the whole person not just the symptoms


Some specific conditions that may benefit from a Reflexology treatment include;


Headaches and migraines

Circulatory conditions


Digestive difficulties

Foot disorders

Insomnia and other sleep disorders 

Menstrual disorders

Neck back and shoulder pain 

Sinus problem 

Waste/toxin removal problems 



My initial reason for going to reflexology was for relaxation, however my sessions with Kendra provided so much more than I expected.  Kendra’s knowledge on healing through reflexology is outstanding and she was able to provide an accurate description of what was going on in my body based on my feet- which was amazing. Each session provided me with deep relaxation, a window into what was going on in my body and relief from many of my symptoms. 


I found our sessions didn't just help me on a physical level but also a psychological level, where I found my anxiety levels were reduced and after some sessions I even found a higher level of clarity in my thinking. 

I would highly recommend Kendra as a reflexologist to anyone that is suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome. I believe that there are immediate benefits in it for symptom relief and also longer term benefits in healing the body. Kendra has a lovely, calm manner and is so caring in her approach. She is also truly committed to her professional and is continually learning more and more about the complex area of healing. ~

Annabel L

Sessions with Kendra affect my mental well being. I no longer feel like a taker but a giver

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