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  • My psychologist recommended I talk with you about doing some body work and somatic therapy around my C-PTSD. Could you let me know what type of service would be best to go with for this
    Psychologists often recommend trauma sensitive yoga therapy to complement the cognitive work you may be doing with them. Yoga Therapy particularly TCTSY (Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga) is an empirically validated, clinical intervention for complex trauma or chronic treatment-resistant PTSD. This is often the missing embodiment piece left out of conventional treatments. As Yoga Therapy is very tailored to the individual, NOT simply a one size fits all treatment, then Kendra recommends an Initial Wellbeing Consultation to assessment where to begin. From then, you will be offered a combination of Reflexology, TCTSY and mindfulness that will guide you into a daily self care practice.
  • I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment but can't find where.
    You can use the link to cancel in your confirmation emails or send Kendra an email. Simply rebook another appointment here when ready. You are required to give 24 hours notice to cancel otherwise full therapy fee will be invoiced.
  • Does trauma sensitive yoga release my trauma?
    The intention of trauma-informed yoga is NOT to release trauma or fix it. Instead, it is designed to offer self agency by rebuilding an expansive body awareness, reawakening an inner sense of 'my body' to heal the mind. The trauma can be understood as a held reactivity in your nervous system which can be regulated and healed through trauma sensitive yoga.
  • I am reaching out as I am seeking someone who can provide therapeutic massage and reintroduce safe touch to a young woman who has experienced sexual abuse and exploitation. I am curious as to whether this is something that you have provided before and/or whether this is something you can provide.
    Yes, Kendra is an experienced trauma sensitive body worker and has been offering professional remedial massage and reflexology to clients for 34 years. Priority is given to balancing a safe space by offering choice making principles regularly throughout the session. Touch is offered after consent and regular check in's. Touch can be offered as a way of re-establishing an embodied awareness and connection with improved breathing awareness, movement of life force and nervous system relaxation responses.
  • I am reaching out because I am needing to find something to relax me, control my anxiety and stress (which is currently through the roof) I have a high pressure job and currently some health problems that have cropped up and I feel my stress levels and mindset are contributing negatively...and to be honest, I am one hot mess at the moment. I am looking to try find something to help me.
    It sounds like your nervous system is on constant alert and perhaps your lifestyle is part of your stress. Yoga Therapy offers so many simple yet potent ways to reduce stress, regulate anxiety and revitalise depression. You would need to begin with an assessment with Kendra and then consider the Nurturing Mental health Package ( 6 sessions) that supports you through making the real changes you need. Book your first session here.
  • I have CPTSD from childhood trauma and have been doing some very deep and painful healing with young teenage parts whose trauma has been retriggered by recent events. I think helping to release the tension they've carried for so long through yoga or somatic work will be really nice for them and a great idea.
    Trauma sensitive yoga in combination with trauma sensitive bodywork like touch, massage and Reflexology can be a beautiful safe and nourishing way to allow your parts to step forward to feel again at their own pace.
  • I am an allied health practitioner and clients see me for chronic pain and trauma and my work focuses a lot of calming the nervous system. It would be wonderful to have a place I could recommend for them to go, where appropriate, to do some supportive somatic yoga work. I wonder if I could attend one of your sessions please? Which shall I attend?
    Yes what a wise and wonderful way approach to referring clients to somatic yoga. You are welcome to come and try at least 3 classes to get a feel for Kendra's trauma sensitive approach that is supporting the underlying issues around self regulation, more personalized breathwork and evidence based iRest yoga nidra meditation for chronic pain. Simply fill in the enrolment form here.
  • I have an extensive history of trauma and would love to be apart of the SSP sound therapy.
    Kendra is a certified Safe and Sound practitioner and offers the sound therapy privately through her Yoga Therapy pathways. The SSP is designed to work with other therapeutic approaches and modalities, with demonstrated benefits for individuals with trauma, anxiety, sensory processing differences, ADHD, ASD and more. The first step is to book an Initial Wellbeing consultation to help establish a safe and stable way to begin listening to the 5 hours of therapeutic filtered music. Along the way, you will learn yoga skills to help you regulate your nervous system as it resets towards safe social engagement again. Read the details here.
  • Your services have been recommended to me by my midwife and doula as I have been experiencing really extreme reflux in my pregnancy. I'm only 24 weeks so have a long way to go. Could you please let me know what service/s would be most beneficial, and when you can fit me in?
    Kendra is a trained Maternity Reflexologist and offers personalized massage treatments to help your body relax so it can restore better digestion. Kendra has helped hundreds of women during their prenatal and postnatal period, and also offers a natural induction reflexology to assist with the body's natural birthing cycle. Read more here.

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