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Yoga therapy for anxiety

Yoga for ANXIETY


Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you want to learn practical skills to manage anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma. Are you wanting to practice together in a safe, supportive empowering space where embodiment is deeply respected as a pathway to emotional well being?

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The course is supported and referred to by numerous local health services as well as local GPs, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and other therapists and health practitioners.

Is this course trauma informed?

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This course allows a safer, yet deeper inquiry into the nature of your ground of being. The complex and personal nature of trauma is why yoga therapy provides such an effective approach in treating PTSD and complex trauma. 

Yoga Therapy offers an extensive toolkit of movement, mindfulness, and breath practices which can be adapted to meet the individual at any stage of their recovery.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy recognises the advances in research that support the need for embodied experiences and a compassionate understanding of the role the body plays in mental and emotional wellbeing.

Will there be sharing practices and opportunities to connect?

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Practices are carefully selected based on the needs of the individuals in the group, supported by evidence-based yoga science. There will be invitations to interact with a partner and small groups, with an emphasis on observing personal, subtler physiological awareness, thoughts, and emotions.

"embodiment is about the question of how we come here and live this human life". Sarah Ball

How much yoga will we be doing?

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The classes are 1.25 hours with a 15-minute talk, 45-minute experiential yoga therapy practice, 20-minute guided iRest Yoga Nidra meditation, 5-minute reflections, and Q&A.


If you miss a class you have access to Kendra's online self paced Yoga Therapy early bird pre recorded course for the duration of the course.

What is in the course?

Week 1 ~ Practice present moment awareness in body breath and mind.

Where are you on the Window of Tolerance/Gunas?

Week 2 ~ Explore interoception and self compassion and why it's critical for navigating life. Can you feel into your body's messengers as feeling states?


Week 3 ~ Create embodied rhythms for self agency.

Do you have rhythms that ground and sustain you?


Week 4 ~ Befriend your vagus nerve to help regulate nervous system activity.

When was the last time your body felt safe?

Week 5 ~ Try iRest meditation an evidence informed treatment for PTSD.

Do you struggle to meditate, find rest and feel at ease?

Week 6 ~ Explore safe body anchors and the 3 rhythms of your nervous system.

Are your stress responses 'fight and flight or shutdown, or both'?

Week 7 ~ Study the psychology of the yoga sutra's and Kirtan Kriya meditation for anxiety. Do you have a practice that meets your rising anxiety?

Week 8 ~ Support yourself with Kriya Yoga for a sustainable slow change over time.

Would you like to have a daily yoga practice that's useful to your mental health?


Kendra draws from her professional training in evidence-based principles from Level 2 iRest Yoga Nidra, TCTSY- Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga, and her 30 years in the healing arts. Her post-graduate training with Sarah Ball respects the intersection of Psychology, Social Justice, and Yoga Psychology. She offers specific methods based on the principles of yoga therapy, that offer real relief for difficult feelings.

Her teaching is inspired by Samkhya philosophy, Patanjali's Yoga Sutra's, and the non-dual realization of Tantra. (Sanskrit: tan: extending everywhere).

'Highly recommend as it is an intimate class that allows for self discovery. Kendra is committed to understanding her clients needs and offers a safe and welcoming space for all of her clients. Regardless of whether your new to yoga or experienced, Kendra handles all with care and curiosity.

I am grateful to have met Kendra and for her wisdom that she shares generously to enhance emotional wellbeing.I have since started meditating on a daily basis and my blood pressure has stabilised'. Marjan

'Working with Kendra gently reveals the gaps within me and supports their healing.

Kendra is a true yogi who offers inclusive reflection and connection'. Linda Chambers

'It is so profound to me to experience the embodiment I've been practising as a choice of living, Loving and being connected to myself.  Once more TCTSY practices are so in line with me. the practice is not just on the flux of classes and rushing and setting times to do it. The practice is on the moments when your choices can be more in tune with your present moment and the vast awareness of it'. Jenny G


One of the key realisations for me was that a daily yoga practice does not have to be about exercise. It can be about embodiment, mindfulness, checking in with oneself. I found that extremely valuable. Lily L

What is the cost, location and dates

Choose from the sliding scale payment options

$320 supported,  $400 supporter, $280 concession, $50 donation


Saturdays 7am - 8.15am 

Sep 16 - Nov 11

8 week Course

no class Oct 7

Canberra Yoga Space, Phillip


Prefer to practice at home at your own pace?

They say the early bird catches the worm! 
But in this course, you get to choose your yoga time!
Begin your weekend winding down your nervous system and amping up your embodiment.


Bring your body into treatment for anxiety, complex trauma and PTSD.

This course was uploaded each week from the live Saturday course so you can keep up to date on the latest trauma sensitive offerings from Kendra without leaving home!

Get started with an 8 week Saturday morning yoga therapy practice from the comfort of your home.

Investment $199.

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