wellness packages

Honoring the need for a holistic healing approach where several integrated sessions truly allow the mind-body to heal and respond in its own unique way.

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Yoga Therapy Self Care Package



Practice the art of self-inquiry whilst enjoying the support from Kendra and attuning your inner navigation. Having the structure of a personal yoga program allows you to explore the intuitive more spiritual elements of a yoga practice.


Learn ways to reduce and manage anxiety and depression.

Learn mindful meditation techniques that bring balance and stability.

Establish more awareness of breathing habits.


Package includes;

3 x 1 hour private Yoga Therapy assessment, prescription and review.

A personalized yoga sequence program to follow at home


$370 and Concessions upon application

Sleep Surrender Package


Honour the benefits of deep restorative rest with a blend of one deeply relaxing reflexology

and a therapeutic yoga program.

Learn the yogic approach to the healing ritual of sleep and go away a with sleep yoga practice to

introduce into your night-time rhythms.


Package includes;

Two 1 hour yoga sessions

copy of e book Sleep Surrender.

$280 Concessions $200

Meditation as Medicine Package


This Meditation as Medicine Package offers continued support integrating the 10 steps of iRest meditation into your life over a 6 month period. Dive deeper into beliefs, embodied wisdom and your Essential Nature.

The 6 one hour sessions can be used monthly or weekly over the 6 month period depending on the regularity of your personal practice.


Package includes;


6 one hour private meditation sessions

recorded personalized meditations

$700 Concessions $600