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 trauma sensitive yoga

accessible and empowering


the yoga of building resilience

what is yoga therapy? 

Yoga must be made to suit the individual, not the individual to suit the yoga_edited.jpg

Neuro diversity affirming yoga

All brains are different and being different is normal. That's why trauma sensitive yoga

acknowledges that neurodivergent is a social label, not a disorder, yet many are suffering because we live in a world that isn't designed with neurodiversity in mind.

Yoga Therapy is a highly individualized therapy that does not simply teach yoga, it adapts to your individual neurodiverse needs.

Kendra's NDIS private support pathways

Capacity Building - Increased Social and Community Participation - Improved Daily Living

Core - Assistance with Social, Economic and Community Participation.

Trauma Sensitive Private and Group Yoga Therapy includes yoga and meditation, stress management strategies, lifestyle skills and psycho education.


I feel less pressure to 'fix' things and have a more gentle approach to my anxiety and thoughts. 


There is nothing like feeling clarity and a gentle kindness towards yourself in times of difficulty, whatever that may be. 

The trauma informed approach helped me feel safe enough to talk with you. I was really able to treat myself and whatever came up with kindness.

a connection between your mind and body in a gentle way

Learn ways to rebalance your nervous system.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga acknowledges the neurological impact of trauma on a physical, psychological, and emotional level, and the disconnection from the physical body many trauma survivors experience.


Yoga offers ways to rebalance your nervous system, rebuild trust in the fluctuating mind - body pulse and life long resilience skills that build better relationships. 


Working with Kendra is feeling guided by your hand with an invisible string of love and compassion.

What is most important in the practice of Yoga is the attention and kindness you offer yourself and the willingness to learn to trust your body. 

 NO amount of talking or meditation will help us feel SAFE and settled. It is through movement that we become aware of stuck, old, defensive reactions in our nervous systems that are still activated right now.


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