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Trauma Sensitive Yoga

 trauma sensitive yoga

minding your body


the yoga of embodied resilience

Face to face or live streamed

or do a self-paced online wellbeing course.

why trauma sensitive yoga?

Bessell van der Kolk: Overcome Trauma With Yoga

Bessell van der Kolk: Overcome Trauma With Yoga

move your body, heal your mind

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There is no one size fits all

Private sessions help you develop a personal practice. Yoga Therapy is a highly individualized therapy that does not simply teach yoga, it adapts to your individual needs.

Do you enjoy being in community?
Or being at home online?

Try a group or private class online

and connect with others.

Hand Shadow

Learn ways to rebalance your nervous system.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga offers you the gift of safe self-inquiry and body agency.

It acknowledges the neurological impact of trauma on a physical, psychological, and emotional level, and the disconnection from the physical body many trauma survivors experience.


Yoga offers ways to rebalance your nervous system, rebuild trust in the fluctuating mind - body pulse and life long resilience skills that build better relationships. 

a connection between your mind and body in a gentle way

You might also;


Learn self-compassion and self-awareness

Reduce anxiety and depression

Understand interoception (sense your body's sensations)

Learn how to truly relax and live with vitality

Free up trapped energy in your body that may be causing pain or stiffness

Learn mastery of breath to still the mind

Deepen your spiritual awareness

Learn stillness in a changing world

Re-establish a loving communication with your body

Restore your inner awareness that brings clarity and inner peace

Increase flexibility and muscle balance


Working with Kendra is feeling guided by your hand with an invisible string of love and compassion.

I feel less pressure to 'fix' things and have a more gentle approach to my anxiety and thoughts. I feel like I have more perspective on Yoga as a philosophy and how to integrate it as a whole way of being, even though I have previous experience/knowledge in this area.


There is nothing like feeling clarity and a gentle kindness towards yourself in times of difficulty, whatever that may be. The more we understand about ourselves, the easier this becomes. Whether the first step or a grounding of ideas, the trauma sensitive yoga  course will meet you where you are

The trauma informed approach helped me feel safe enough to talk with you straight away and then with the group (eventually) due the open, supporting feeling created within the group. I was really able to treat myself and whatever came up with kindness.

Kendra's approach

What is most important in the practice of Yoga is the attention and kindness you offer yourself and the willingness to follow your body's lead.


In healing anxiety, depression, pain and trauma, the human organism naturally pulsates with life when it feels safe. NO amount of talking or meditation will help us feel SAFE and settled. It is through movement that we become aware of stuck, old, defensive reactions in our nervous systems that are still activated right now.


So in a sense, yoga is more about unwinding than winding up. It's more about being awareness or stillness that allows life to heal through us. 

6 mechanisms of a traditional yoga practice


Being mindful, slow, steady with ease in body shapes.

Each shape has different mental health benefits.


Once feeling at home in the body, attention settles and can welcome greater emotional expressions.


Living a truly authentic life brings meaning and purpose.


When movement is guided by breath consciousness, thinking slows and attention safely expands and increases. Prana flows easily.


The Yama's and Niyama's or social behaviours and personal disciplines, create a foundation of relational embodiment.


Having a sense of belonging to the human family

brings deeper healing and aliveness.

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