Trauma Sensitive Yoga

 mindfulness yoga

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the yoga of embodied resilience

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manaha prashamanopayaha yoga ityabhidiyate
yoga is skillful method to calm the mind

As life speeds up and stress levels increase, Mindfulness Yoga offers you the gift of time and self-inquiry.

It is the art of being grounded in the moment, using breath, movement, and meditation to develop your inner resources. 


Mindfulness Yoga helps you to: 


Learn self-compassion and self-awareness

Reduce anxiety and depression

Interoception through movement

Learn how to truly relax and live with vitality

Free up trapped energy in your body that may be causing pain or stiffness

Learn mastery of breath to still the mind

Deepen your spiritual awareness

Learn stillness in a changing world

Re-establish a loving communication with your body

Restore your inner awareness that brings clarity and inner peace

Increase flexibility and muscle balance

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ready to develop

a home yoga practice?

do you have mental health challenges?

Yoga Therapy is a highly individualized therapy that does not simply teach yoga, it adapts to your individuals needs.

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choose your ideal yoga group class

Begin with a trauma-aware, safe, and empowering Yoga for RESILIENCE class.

A class or private, adjunct treatment for complex and developmental trauma, and persistent PTSD.

Explore the mindful embodied practice of EMBODY WISDOM class once you can self-regulate and develop a home practice.

A trauma-sensitive class can allow you to explore any emotional/mental challenges you may have within the safety of an embodied group context.


Kendra's approach

What is most important in the practice of Yoga is the attention you give to yourself as an individual. It is a practice that teaches you the art of presencing and self-regulation. The difference between a beginner and a more advanced student is less about postural ability and much more about the breadth of self-agency and embodiment, regardless of how 'stiff' or 'too tired' or 'too old' you think you are.

Yoga Sutra 1.2 defines yoga as yogas citta vrtti nirodhah and can be translated as;

Yoga happens when we embody our Essential Nature as unconditioned Stillness, which is always present, even when movements of thought, sensations, and other consciousness are present or absent.

Kendra originally trained with Gail Pisani in the Hatha Kundalini tradition and is influenced by her personal practices of Vipassana Meditation, iRest meditation, and Satyananda Yoga. She has recently become Canberra's first registered Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapist trained in the Krishnamacharya tradition applying the principles of viniyoga and TCTSY. She brings aspects of these styles, as well as her knowledge of eastern medicine and philosophy, into her therapeutic approach today. Her modern style of teaching is one that strongly encourages embodied mindfulness, breath-centered awareness, and reawakening a self-exploration. 


Her popular Yoga for Resilience courses honors the need to slow down and build a sustainable practice for life. Kendra is a certified TCTSY Trauma Sensitive Yoga facilitator and loves to see those with mental health challenges, start to live with joy again in their bodies.


Kendra’s mindful yoga classes feel tailor-made for you.


I have taken a number of people along to the sessions and each comes away saying “I felt like the yoga was customized for my needs”. I

can’t recommend Kendra enough – even if you don’t do her yoga classes or yoga therapy then I strongly

recommend the reflexology and remedial massage – it’s blissful! Jan