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stories are like children, they grow in their own way


Anxiety relief

Reflexology can begin from birth. It is a gentle, enjoyable modality for children, where gentle pressure is given to specific points in the feet, hands face and ears to help the body achieve balance and relaxation. Many ancient cultures had a form of foot therapy, passed down from generation to generation. 

You the parent can be taught how to give treatment to your child. It can help you bond with your child and help them cope with stressful circumstances and support their immune systems.


Gentle Reflexology IS beneficial for;

helping with allergies

digestive upsets

anxiety & nervousness




calming for hyperactive children

How often?

Treatment plans are individually prescribed. 3 weekly sessions are encouraged initially, then depending on the child's needs, sessions may become less frequent to monthly visits.


A relaxed learning experience 


Generally, treatments last up to 45 minutes for teens and up to 30 minutes for Primary aged children. For babies treatments, the mother or father is encouraged to share receiving the treatment, as well as learning how to apply some simple techniques to practice at home. 

Your child is encouraged to respond, relax and find a calmness that perhaps they would not normally experience.

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