ZEN recovery


a bodyfullness contemplative practice

that is simple and deeply restorative

Now a self-paced course online

do you need an excuse to slow down?

Canberra Restorative Yoga 

ZenRecovery is a simple and transformative self-paced course. It helps busy people like
you rest and reset. You can reduce your stress and anxiety and increase your energy.


Are you stuck in the mindset that doing more is achieving more?


Are your body or your
stress levels starting to tell you otherwise?


Are you looking to heal your mind as well as your body?
Struggle with anxiety, pain or trouble sleeping?

You and your nervous system are going to love; this self-paced 8-week yoga therapy course.

ZenRecovery is an online trauma-aware yoga therapy course. It blends ancient yogic principles and practices with contemporary neuroscience. It helps busy people like you rest and reset.
You can take it at your own pace, at any time of the day, anywhere you can take your computer.
This unique course lays down the 5 building blocks for self-regulation and self-healing:

Cultivating mindfulness
Re-balancing the nervous system
Regulating the breath
Quieting the mind
Changing old narratives.

You will be guided through 8 weeks of embodied mindfulness practices, restorative poses, and yoga therapy. The course awakens your inner healer and embodied wisdom. You will be an active participant in your well-being journey.

“I really struggle with being kind to myself. The ZEN Recovery course challenged me to be
okay with dropping into a state of less doing and more just being. Even just practicing one
of the postures at the end of the day is okay” (Lynette, ZenRecovery student)

slow down , do less, feel better

I want to know how to 

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Kendra Healing Art's focus is on offering holistic mental, physical and spiritual development through embodiment and yogic healing. 

We recognize the body's profound wisdom as a journey to wholeness and happiness.

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