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Restorative Yoga

ZEN recovery 


a bodyfullness contemplative practice

that is simple and deeply restorative

face to face & self paced online

Braddon Wed 6.45pm

when less is more

In today’s society, it’s may be hard to give yourself permission to rest and self care. But it’s also brave. And empowering. And one of the best choices you can make for your well-being. 

Do you need an excuse to slow down at the end of a working week?

Are you stuck in the mindset that doing more is achieving more?

Are you looking for a little social connection after your yoga?

what does the course include?

R E S T 

Rest has increasingly become something that we avoid and leave until we are tired, yet if we learn to embrace it, rest can offer us an ability to hold the complexities of life in a light, embodied way.

Now more than ever our nervous system wants to reclaim our natural state of calm and grounding, from states of trauma to which Dr Gabor Mate describes as the 'myth of normal'.

Rest offers us the experience of deeper ease and reflection, helping us to align with our deeper truths around holding and suffering.



Over 6 weeks, we'll gather each Wednesday night to practice Zen.


An eBook to journal in and record your experiences

a 50% discount code TO SELF PACED ONLINE course

16 videos

Guide to over 25 yoga shapes

lifetime access

6 Zen practice classes

valued at $295

learn to befriend your breathing

to quieten your mind

Have you tried faster styles of yoga but realised that’s just not your thing? Or you want to meditate but struggle to sit still?


ZEN RECOVERY practice will become your foundation for embodied self-awareness, not just a set of postures. The Zen Recovery course includes gentle, restorative and embodied movement. This helps you connect to your breath and be more present. Making meditation a lot easier.


The postures and breathing practices are simple, slow and restful. They help you press pause at any time.  The supporting online content allows you to dive deeper into the yoga theory and teachings. It’s completely up to you.

zen 5 shapes breaths.png

What makes Zen Recovery different to other restorative practices?




Zen recovery is unique as it lays down the 5 building blocks for deep healing:

cultivate mindfulness

re-balance the nervous system

regulate the breath

quieten the mind

change old narratives

We link these building blocks to 5 poses and 5 related breathing exercises. Each week we'll practice together and during the week, you can make use of the workbook and perhaps the online supportive video content. 

The poses and practices are simple and some sections offer a deeper dive into the rich world of yoga theory and philosophy.

You choose how deep you’d like to go.


Week 2 ‘LANDING’: RAIN ACRONYM Mindful self-compassion

Week 3 OPENING PANCHA MAYA KOSHA: 5 Layers of being

Week 4 REFINING BHAVANA & SANKALPA: Your hearts call

Week 5 REGULATING GUNAS: Your inner compass

Week 6 REFLECTING SVADHYAYA: Your reflective space


Restorative Yoga

“I really struggle with being kind to myself. The ZEN Recovery course challenged me to be
okay with dropping into a state of less doing and more just being. Even just practicing one
of the postures at the end of the day is okay” (Lynette, ZenRecovery student)

Kendra Healing Arts — POSTS (17).png

investment and datez?

A 6 week course 

August 9, 16, 23 September 6, 13, 20 no class Aug 30

$180 supported,  $210 supporter, $150 concession, $50 donation

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