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Guided meditations

Create your very own inner sanctuary and enjoy the many health benefits that come with a daily meditation practice. Learn how to deeply relax and create a foundation for improved sleep patterns, stronger immunity and mental clarity.

Feel free to share them with friends and family.

5 minute Power Pause

This 5 minuteEnjoy mindful therapeutic movements that
seated yoga practice will help you refresh your energy and regain a sense of mindful awareness. Can be done at your desk, whilst waiting for an appointment or just before eating a meal.arebreathcentered and easy to follow.

15 minute From Anxiety to Calm

As humans we have the gift of anticipating the future. But in a world of excess, there is a tendency for overwhelm and anxiety. This mindfulness meditation is a practice that counterbalances this stress. Practiced daily, it can can have profound benefits to your self awareness and mindset. Kendra's soothing voice will transport you to calm in 15 minutes.

30 minute Body & Breath Awareness Meditation

Practising mindfulness begins in our body. Its the art of refining our awareness and attention, and reawakening to a clear calm presence. It requires a constant returning to the body with a non-judgmental welcoming, to all sensations. Enjoy being guided through the doorway of body sensations towards awareness of breath and deep relaxation. Once we have breath awareness, we begin to feel whole and content for longer. Enjoy.