This class, is a blissful ritual of soft soothing movement and mindful meditation. A doorway to inner presence and peace.

Learn to meditate in Canberra or online

Meditation is fundamental to the classical yoga tradition yet it's often an aspect that is overlooked in contemporary yoga classes.


This class is a blissful ritual of soft soothing movement and mindful meditation. A doorway to inner presence and peace.


In developing mindfulness, the first foundation is in the body where a 'felt sense' is re-awakened.  Mindfulness practice cultivates greater awareness of the unity of mind and body, as well as thoughts and feelings that undermine greater emotional, physical and spiritual health.


The beauty of this course rests with the way it invites you to begin where you are. To always have a beginners mind. To release all expectations and preconceived ideas and simply meet each present moment as it arises.


This course is suitable for beginners who wish to develop a good foundation in their yoga practice, as well as those who already have an established home practice and hope to dive deeper into mindfulness.

Reduce anxiety and depression


deepen your yoga practice by developing mindfulness

sit in stillness with greater ease by preparing your body through specific yoga movements

breathe efficiently and build energy levels

develop self-compassion and open-hearted presence

build up a formal meditation practice that flexes your mental muscle and builds resilience

reduce pain and chronic illness

reduce anxiety and depression

tap into your natural healing ability


Sarah Baker

I loved walking into the peaceful sanctuary each week with my daughter by my side. Nothing seems to phase me these days...I just breathe, feel the ground beneath me and I feel at ease. Sarah

Jolanta Skawinski

Mindfulness is very helpful and I wish I could do more of it..."Mindful Meditation" classes with you are very rewarding. I feel very relaxed during and after the class. You always use your "magic" technique, which puts me to semi- sleep (I am so relaxed, that I can hear my own snoring and hope nobody else can hear it :-))). Sometimes I wish the sessions went for longer because I feel good and I wish to experience this pleasant moment for longer.

This class is at Health Point   


Level 2, 16 Wilbow St, Phillip


The Wellness Space is accessed through the Health Point building opposite the Police Station, with plenty of street parking or pay parking.


Kendra Healing Art's focus is on offering holistic mental, physical and spiritual development through embodiment and yogic healing. 

We recognize the body's profound wisdom as a journey to wholeness and happiness.

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