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Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy

It's not Yoga,
it's Yoga Therapy


What is Yoga Therapy?

Canberra Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is an emerging field of natural medicine that compassionately reintegrates the mind-body relationship by melding ancient wisdom with modern science. It is a mindful approach to wellness that requires active participation, using the principles of yoga within a professional therapeutic relationship.


This evidence-based complementary therapy is particularly effective at improving your mental health, reducing anxiety and depression, and nurturing a deeper knowledge of the self to reawaken a self-healing ability. Yoga therapy can be practiced along with conventional medical treatments.

The heart of Yoga Therapy rests in eudaimonia. Living a life with purpose, meaning and joy irrespective of any medical diagnosis. It does not simply focus on a disease or pathogenesis, it expands your sense of wellness into salutogenesis.

mental health science is increasingly about what works for individuals

Yoga Therapy is ideal for you if you are;

Will Yoga Therapy suit me?

Yes. Yoga Therapy asks you to begin where you are. If you are facing health challenges at any level, yoga therapy is perfect for you. It encourages human flourishing by focusing on assisting the whole individual, rather than just the condition.

Seeking a holistic option to getting well and staying well?

Wanting a tailored practice that serves your individual needs?

Have a chronic health issue that doesn't allow you to get to a class?

Need more motivation or a fresh start?

Want to make yoga your lifestyle?

Looking for a more therapeutic focus?

If seeking more self-confidence before joining a yoga class?

Part of my approach to Health Care is embracing your individual needs, and giving you the chance to learn through your own experience.

Make your booking below

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Canberra Yoga Therapy

Together we co-create a practice by exploring your unique five layers

wisdom/higher mind






dietary and lifestyle advice


self development guidance

Every six weeks we reflect on what personalized practices support your embodiment

 3 step stage 1
Yoga Therapy Self Care
Package $370



Step 1 - Fill out your assessment form and email to Kendra. Once received, Kendra will give you a call to discuss your individual needs, and a one hour assessment appointment can be arranged.

During your assessment we will explore your movement patterns, breath, current exercise programs, medical conditions, medication and stress levels.



Step 2 - Kendra will ask you to return and teach you your personally crafted yoga ritual, so you can go home feeling confident and ready to practice. You will be given a copy of your program.



Step 3 - After a week you will return and have your program reviewed and refined if necessary. This gives you the chance to establish a good practice space in your home and ask any further questions.

Depending on your level of need and progress, it is good to review your program monthly.

Private yoga therpy (1).png

 3 step stage 2
Yoga Therapy Body Listening Package $370


DYAD (mirror meditation)

Step 1 - Let's unearth deeper safety and sensation through deep listening together. Think of this as the re-establishment of intention to enter into an embodiment process. 

Then with this fresh, deeper connection, enjoy Kendra's bodywork they may include reflexology, massage, or reiki, integrate it all.

Also includes a month's free access to Kendra's online

INHABIT Membership.





Step 2 - With a foundation and intention already set, we come to your personal yoga practice to unpack any questions or refine your body mind connections.

This phase of yoga therapy is where habits are unearthed and new ones are formed. These are called samskara's.

Support here is essential.



Step 3 - After a week you return and we practice together.

This is the compassionate 'allowing' phase that prepares you for more momentum at home.

You are then invited to attend a yoga therapy group practice or course.

Depending on your needs and process, it is good to review your program monthly.

post traumatic growth can mean that you can facilitate transformative growth on your own —making it more likely that you won’t just get past the trauma but will benefit from it...


Natalie Truong

Yoga Therapy Sessions really brought into focus for me that yoga is so much more than just the asana “poses”. Each Yoga Therapy session was like a huge sigh of relief – Kendra created such an immensely generous and forgiving space, and deftly wove together so much knowledge and understanding, that I felt like I could truly let go. Best of all is that Kendra developed for me a personal daily yoga practice that so simply balances me out (and gets me some sleep!) so that I can better ride the highs and lows – a practice for life.

Sarah H

My yoga therapy sessions with Kendra are relaxing and inspiring. Yoga therapy is teaching me ways to observe my body, how symptoms change, and how my body relates to my emotions and mind. Kendra designed a practice for me that fits into the rhythms of my life and is tailored to my physical needs and capabilities. I look forward to doing my yoga practice and I do it most nights now - it feels good and helps me rest and heal. 

Sophie Levers

I love my yoga sessions with Kendra. Each one is unique, and I always leave feeling peaceful, inspired and happy. It's not just about the work we do on the mat, it's also about the discussions and mindfulness concepts that I take with me from my sessions that are having such a positive impact on how I'm choosing to live my life now. I recommend yoga with Kendra for anyone needing help to find some inner peace

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