Canberra Yoga Therapy

mindful yoga classes

online or face to face

Yoga classes in Braddon and Phillip.


Term 4 commences October 10

Classes on Monday and Friday are held at

Canberra Yoga Space Phillip

All classes will be live-streamed and available in The Mindfulness Class Library via Practice Plus Membership. On-demand class library recordings are offered freely for 31 days to allow any catch-ups. Casual attendance is only offered upon application.

Mondays 9.30 - 10.45 am class dates (8) 


Oct 10 to Nov 28

$250 supported, $300 supporter, $220 concession, $50 donation

Mondays 6pm - 7.15pm class dates (6) 


Oct 10 - Nov 14

$300 supported,  $400 supporter, $250concession, $50 donation

Wednesdays 12.30 - 1.30 (8)

TCTSY Group Practice Braddon

face to face or via zoom

Oct 12 to Nov 30

$310 supported, $350 supporter, concession $220 or donation $50.

Friday 9.30 - 10.45 am class dates (8)

Yoga for RESILIENCE class

Oct 14 - Dec 2

$250 supported, $300 supporter, $220 concession, $50 donation

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moving to online group course

Tuesday 6pm
Health Point, Phillip

A 6-week course.

Suitable for those challenged with anxiety, depression, and trauma recovery.

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starts Oct 10

Monday 6pm
Health Point Phillip

A 6-week iRest Meditation course. 

Suitable for those challenged by anxiety, depression and trauma.

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start anytime

Monday 9.30am

Health Point, Phillip

A breath centred, mindful yoga practice, where the essence of asana is the spirit of inquiry.

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next course starts Oct 12

Wed 12.30pm Braddon

An 8-week course.

Suitable for adults currently engaged with a case manager or therapist in the community who have a history of trauma..

Copy of Copy of Yoga RELAX & RESILIENCE
start anytime

Friday 9.30am

Canberra Yoga Space, Phillip

A slow, mindful, sustainable embodiment practice.

Suitable for everyone. 


what is trauma sensitive yoga?


All Kendra's classes are trauma-sensitive. Trauma-sensitive yoga practice offers a safe and sensitive space for you to learn self-regulation and self-awareness skills that build sustainable resilience. It is about learning to feel safe and at home in your body by practicing making choices. Anxiety and depression, are often the result of unresolved trauma. 

There are 4 key themes;

Practice making choices

Present Moment Experience

Taking Effective Action

Creating Rhythms

You will;

Recognize that you are the expert of your body and experiences.

Experience safety and comfort as foundations of your practice.

Focus on developing interoception, an experience of a 'felt sense'.

Recognition that offering choices empower you to choose what feels right for your body at any moment.

Minimization of triggers such as touch, lighting, oils or incense, and Sanskrit language.

Recognize that everyone in the class has suffered some form of trauma.

Acknowledgment that body shapes and yoga props might make you feel vulnerable.

Experience invitational language allowing you more self-agency.

Experience the use of rhythms to offer grounding and a feeling of safety.

Practicing present moment awareness.

Recognize that the use of touch is with permission and minimized, with the intention to increase interoception not force your body into an ideal shape.


Access the mindfulness class library 
to feel the mental health benefits of a daily practice.