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home retreat membership coming soon

No classes between 29/6 to 18/7

Currently all classes are live streamed via Zoom

and Monday 9.30 class is also in person. 

Mon 9.30am & 6pm

Tues 4.30pm

Fri 9.30am

Thurs 12 noon

Live stream only

what is trauma informed yoga?


 Trauma-informed yoga practice offers a safe and sensitive space for everyone to learn self regulation and self awareness skills that build sustainable resilience. It is about feeling safe and at-home in our bodies by offering choice. Anxiety and depression, are often the result of unresolved trauma. 

Some principles you will find in Kendra's trauma informed classes are;

  • Recognition that students are the experts on their bodies and experiences.

  • Safety and comfort are the foundation of the practice.

  • Recognition that offering choices empowers students such as modifications of yoga practices that suit the individual.

  • Minimize over stimulation of senses by dimming lights, not using oils or incense and use of sanskrit language.

  • Assumption that everyone in the class has suffered some form of trauma.

  • Acknowledgment that some poses and yoga props might make students feel vulnerable.

  • Use of invitational language allows self agency.

  • The use of touch is with permission and with the intention to increase interoception not force the body into an ideal shape.

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