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I often hear "but I prefer meditation not yoga".

According to the sage Patanjali, Meditation is a part of Yoga. If you look at the picture below, beginning at the top, you see the Yamas and Niyamas, our social and personal behaviours, which are followed around in a circle to Dhyana, meditation. You'll notice that asana, or postures, are back around the circle before the breathing and mindfulness aspects of yoga. Why? Because if you are not embodied safely before meditating it can be triggering and difficult to practice. And easy to give up! This circular understanding of the 8 limbs of Yoga, describes meditation as an experience to arrive at within yoga.

What's happening in Yogaland?

Mainstream approaches to Yoga are showing up in fast paced settings like gyms and studios offering a"more is more" mindset which feeds the "lack" mentality. This is where meditation has been misunderstood to be different from the physical asana's of yoga. 


True Yoga however, is a quietening and rediscovery of your own wholeness. A natural arriving into a state of yoga or oneness. 

What's Mindfulness Yoga offering?

Mindfulness Yoga here at Kendra Healing Arts, honors the need to begin where you are, turn inward and build a sustainable, holistic daily practice for well being. Meditation naturally arises whether you are moving or are still. 

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