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reawaken embodied presence

with an eastern body mind perspective

trauma and stress create disembodiment

In today's busy, traumatizing, time-poor world, we are seeking the chance to simplify, slow down and develop a mindful presence. We are wanting to feel more connected to our body, more loving with a renewed sense of wellness. But thinking can't get us there, we need to create a space to feel the natural disconnect between the mind and body. Bodywork offers us an embodied presence or spacious healing stillness, which brings the mind home to wholeness, and self.

Once seen as a luxury, holistic massage is recognized as an ancient therapy that heals physical and emotional tension.

Treatments with Kendra are not simply a quick fix approach, even though you will be relieved of many tensions you never thought you had. Your pain or symptoms become allies which give you information about how you may need to change and reclaim a lost part of yourself. Treatments include a treatment plan that's intuitively designed for you!

overcome back pain

pain relief

reduce anxiety symptoms

improve sleep patterns

increase body awareness

improve foot functions

learn relaxation techniques

become more conscious of inner resources

positive lifestyle changes

What type of massage?

Kendra's holistic approach integrates the best of eastern healing philosophies that respect and promotes the flow of life force. Her style reflects the 30 years of clinical experience that may integrate or include her skills in Reflexology, Shiatsu, Tui Na, Thai Massage, Kinesiology Reiki and Cranio Sacral Therapy.



Kendra is a registered Clinical Reflexologist, Yoga Practitioner and Remedial Massage Therapist with most Health Funds.

You deserve support from a highly qualified therapist


Pam S

My regular sessions with Kendra have given me a greater wisdom and understanding of my body, mind and emotions. Her caring professionalism and broad understanding of the human body and the energies within have brought great relief to a wide variety of ailments that I have presented her with.

The combination of modalities that she uses have brought many changes in me and therefore into my life. I am a better and healthier person for having been treated by her.

Sarah B

After 18 months of spinal nerve pain and facing surgery, Kendra has reduced my pain dramatically. I no longer need surgery, I can tolerate the mild pain and feel like a new woman. Kendra is an intuitive, sensitive healer and I highly recommend her treatment.

Kyanne Sith

One thing I really like about Kendra is that she asks you to be an active participant in your treatment– using Mindfulness and other techniques to help you get the most out of your session. I highly recommend Kendra as an adept, wise and caring health practitioner.  

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