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Trauma Sensitive Wellness Retreats

creating compassionate spaces for you to feel your own truth,

at a time of great upheaval.

3 Rhythms

Jindii Spa, Australian National Botanical Gardens

June 18, 2023

9 - 5pm half or full day

Coming Home to your body

Burnout to embodiment

Murrah Dream Retreat, Sapphire Coast

Feb 22 - 25, 2024

A self care retreat for health professionals only


Moving into Meditation

Heartspace Retreat, Yass Valley

July 5 - 7, 2024

Slow medicine Retreat

Highlights from our Summer 2023 Wellness Retreat



Local traditional elders invite us onto their country for smoking ceremony and embodied connection to the land we are staying on.


We source local organic chefs that value the importance of good whole food nutrition. We cater for gluten free, dairy free eaters.


Our trauma informed approach, means we value and respect your safety and support, and believe that trauma sensitive yoga can be a pathway to heal mental health challenges.


We choose retreat locations that give you immersions in nature, to bathe, to rest and to connect with her.

Highlights from our last Winters Wellness Retreat

"Oh, Kendra, thank you so much - I don’t know where to begin with how much lighter and supported I feel since the weekend - something shifted - in a massive (good!) way!  

I keep getting an odd silly grin on my face, too, when I think about how much we laughed and shared and cried and listened". Jennie


What makes our Wellness retreats unique?

Yoga's healing philosphy

Whether you are teacher or newbie to yoga, the psychology of this ancient practice allows you to explore and rediscover your Self

Safety and compassion

As we value a trauma sensitive approach to everything we do over the retreat, kind awareness recognises we are all healing and learning at our own pace.

         Embodied choices

Everything on the menu of activities are optional. We'll guide and support you along the way to do what you feel is best for your body and mind.

Deep adaptation principles

We hold space for the deeper questions of our time. Respecting the ideas of restoring, recycling, renewing and reciprocity.

See diagram below.

Reset your biorhythms

We often enter retreats with poor sleeping and eating habits. We'll create some daily rhythms like movement and rest, to take home with you.

Stay local, and low footprint

With a climate crisis on our hands and heart, we believe our retreats reflect the need to be sustainable and enjoyable. We source local chefs, and venues.

Jem Bendalls Deep Adaptation wheel.webp

Jem Bendall Deep Adaptation Paper

Is it your turn to find yourself?


I came back more reintegrated as we are already integrated beings as Mohan says ... we just get stuck in our heads more than our bodies.  

Being a highly sensitive person I take in a lot of energy from
Others in my work and personal life
This gave me a chance to reintegrate my body and mind through the breath and movement

About Kendra

Since the birth of my first child 23 years ago, I have taken myself off to numerous annual retreats to re-engage with my need for a balanced, spiritual, 'householder' life.


Yoga, particularly meditation, has offered me a continuous, sustainable pathway towards self awakening, self compassion and wellness.

As a Yoga Therapist, I am aware of the mental health crisis we are in, and offer retreats as a way of immersing ourselves in the 'inner calling' quite often left behind in the busyness of the world.


I invite you to join us, find community, and restore your natural healing states. 

Love and wellness 

The trauma sensitive approach helped me feel comfortable and calm which helped clear my mind. Retreating from the everyday was a real bonus with time to reflect, to think and be still. Heartspace Retreat participant

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