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Online with Kendra

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A great opportunity to receive personalized healing from anywhere in Australia.

Accessible. Professional. Empowering.

What do you need help with?



learn mindful rest and movement


come to your body

and mind


try a TCTSY practice



learn ways to

breathe and relax

What exactly is
Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is an evidence-based holistic healing art. Rather than prescribing symptomatic treatments, it invites a deeper presence and awareness that compassionately reintegrates the mind-body relationship.


It is a complementary medicine approach to wellness that requires a mindful active participation, using the principles of yoga within a professional therapeutic relationship.

Why others
love it online

I love the online as you are already home when you're finished and the animals can come join for the meditation.

I prefer online because I have all my equipment handy.

Multiple chemical sensitivity, especially to fragrance, makes excursions difficult. Also, not traveling to and from classes means I have more energy for class

How does
Telehealth Yoga work?

You can book your appointment online anytime.

You will need access to wifi with a device with the ZOOM app.

Once booked we can do a practice run before your appointment so you are confident with the setup.

Then on the day, I will send you a Zoom link 15 minutes before your appointment. 

Over 3 sessions you will develop a home practice with Kendra's support, and ongoing wellbeing advice.

Evidence-based and
trauma aware during COVID -19

Access to telemedicine has never been more important and studies have shown that Tele-yoga can be used to provide support for chronic pain patients during pandemics. Previous studies have found telehealth interventions for chronic pain feasible and possibly effective, including pain management, physical exercise, and psychological interventions.

Kendra offers 2 evidence-based practices successfully online; iRest meditation and Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy.

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Sthira   Sukham   Asanam


Yoga balances stability, strength and steadiness with gentleness, relaxation, and joy.

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