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Canberra Yoga Therapy Trauma Sensitive



Mondays 9.30am


A breath centred mindful yoga practice where the essence of asana is the spirit of inquiry


Of all the factors that we can control, our mind, is perhaps the most important tool determining how we experience the course of our life. By embracing the balance of movement, breath, and attention, we have the potential to achieve greater self-awareness and well-being. 

A Yoga EMBODY WISDOM class is for you if;


you prefer a slow mindful subtle approach

you prefer a trauma-aware inclusive yoga

you value the therapeutic benefits of a breath-centered practice

you like to explore your edge with mindful awareness

you like a set seasonal program with weekly challenges

you are interested in yoga philosophy and developing a personal practice

you are confident in self-regulating and individualizing your practice


This class is suitable for beginners that are active and well, and more advanced students

who prefer a more subtle trans-formative practice.

It is a natural progression from the Yoga for RESILIENCE Class, for those ready to

widen their experience including both Yin and Yang elements. 


It could be said that wisdom is a state of including

more of the world in the way we live.


Thomas Hubl


I have found the mindful approach has helped me enormously with the transition back to permanent work.  It has helped me to 'let go' of stressing the small stuff;  helped me to let the children have more independence;  even reminded me to drive mindfully in traffic instead of thinking about the million other things in my head.


So thanks again for giving me the mentoring and space to explore such a rewarding practice. Tracey

Mindfulness (when I remember to do it) means I don't react as fast or fly off the handle as easily.

Also it helps me to think first before acting and put myself in others shoes as I have time to reflect first. This is different to other yoga practices as the focus has primarily been on breathing and movement - all good, but it's been good to add that third component in. Kim

These classes are at Canberra Yoga Space
Botany St Phillip


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