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The science of feeling safe

Do you have uncontrollable anxiety, unproductive sleep, trauma, ADHD, ASD or sensory sensitivities?


The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is an evidence-based therapeutic acoustic program created by Dr. Stephen Porges and is designed to reset the nervous system and return it to safety. The SSP is designed to work with other therapeutic approaches and modalities, with demonstrated benefits for individuals with trauma, anxiety, sensory processing differences, ADHD, ASD and more.

Five hours of music at your pace.

Is your nervous system stuck in unsafe?

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Unsafe signs

These are signs your body might not be feeling safe and your nervous system may be more attuned to cues of danger. 

Your autonomic nervous system is constantly taking in and responding to cues from other people, our environment, and even inside our bodies, that tell us if we are safe.

When you don’t feel safe, our autonomic nervous system responds by taking action. In this state, you might notice;


fast breathing

feeling hot 

quick to anger

These are normal survival responses. But are they feeling stuck?

Stuck in 'unsafe'?

​If the feeling that you are not safe does not go away, a branch of your parasympathetic nervous system will shut us down.


In this state, you might notice;

extreme fatigue

difficulty with digestion 

feelings of depression.


This is your body doing its best to conserve our resources to keep you alive. 


Think, feel, and connect better through nervous system regulation.


Feel more;

safe, calm, grounded, resilient.
Feel less:
irritable, anxious, overwhelmed.


Think more:
clearly, attentively, creatively
Think less:
rigidly, disorganized, distractible


Connect more:
openly, genuinely, wholly
Connect less:
guardedly, distantly, oppositionally

it's the distilled essence of trust
Dr Stephen Porges

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Nada Yoga

In the yogic tradition, attending to sound has been a central part of many practices. Nada Yoga is the yoga of sound which is a practice of receptive listening to the sounds around you.

Research suggests that music is one of the most powerful ways to stimulate the vagus nerve. The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is an acoustic vagal nerve stimulator using musical cues of safety that engage the social nervous system. This program functions in the same way that a baby is soothed by a mother’s lullaby.

While traditional treatments help some, many with adverse experiences, or conditions such as ADHD, autism or PTSD continue to face challenges. 

Who's it for?

The Safe and Sound Protocol, or SSP,  is a non-invasive application of Polyvagal Theory, based on decades of research and developed by Dr. Stephen Porges, Unyte’s Chief Scientific Advisor. 

The SSP’s effectiveness has been proven in a wide range of studies, most notably in two clinical trials involving children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Trial participants demonstrated statistically significant improvements in:

  • Emotional control

  • Behavioral organization

  • Hearing sensitivity and listening

The protocol is beneficial for adults and children suffering from autonomic dysregulations such as chronic anxiety and stress, trauma, auditory and sensory processing issues, and even autoimmune disorders related to digestion and elimination such as IBS. 

Smiling mother and little daughter having fun, listening to music on headphones. Mixed rac

What is involved?

The SSP program uses algorithmically filtered music focused on the frequency range of the human voice that alters the way sounds are interpreted. It interrupts chronic states of nervous system defence by stimulating the neural networks associated with listening. This ushers the nervous system out of a defensive (fight, flight or freeze) state and into a socially engaged (ventral vagal) state and involves;

There are three phases to the program.

CONNECT -unfiltered and intended to acclimate you or your loved one to the playlist and the pattern of daily therapeutic listening. 

CORE - This is the therapeutic portion of the listening program. The same playlists are now filtered music designed to stimulate the middle ear muscle and conduct vibration through the skull.

BALANCE - This final phase of your SSP program will help you continue to stabilize and maintain a sense of calm and grounding, and further integrate the benefits
of SSP Core.

Each 5 hour phase consists of listening to music played from an app on your iPhone or Android through special earphones. It;

  • requires five hours of listening commitment

  • includes 3 unique pathways for customization

  • delivered in person or remotely

  • access to app

  • reassessment's and reviews.



Initial intro session $150.

The fortnightly app rental is $185 plus Review consultations depending on your needs $150 per hour, $120 concessions

“If you want to improve the world, start by making people feel safe.” Dr. Stephen Porges

Step 1


Step 2 

Unyte-iLs App to download your music

Step 4

REVIEW and progress to CORE program

Becoming an active operator of your nervous system.

A podcast with Deb Dana on Sounds True.

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