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Mindfulness and Mothers Day

Life is too short, we should all move more slowly. - Thich Nhat Hanh

Being calm in life's fullness is certainly a challenge. But taking a moment out of your busy day to breathe with awareness and reconnect to your body, and simply feeling into whatever is there without any judgement, is easier than you think.

Close your eyes for a minute now, and notice how your body feels. Notice if there is a call to 'not waste any time' or the need to 'push on'. Simply observe this, as it is..and you'll find tension you didn't know you had in your body will soften. Spend a further moment to feel into any stronger body sensations that are there. The breath. The spine. What is there to feel? Nothing to change. Simply be.

Now times this by 10 and after 10 minutes of inner mindfulness practice, you'll most probably find that there's a lot more clarity, positivity and lightness in your day. Give it a go! I'd love to hear how this experience was for you.

Want to take this further into a personalized session? Combined it with warm towels, heated sesame oil and some insightful foot Reflexology and you'll be on your way to nourishing your inner balance. Make a Reflexology booking here.

Or join our Canberra Yoga community and feel the support and strength with others. Learn to meet stress positively and reduce levels of anxiety and depression.

Begin with a personal restorative yoga session, and benefit from a tailored practice that serves your individual needs.Then come along and try a yoga class. Choose from;

Spoil mum on Mothers Day.

Give her the gift of relaxation and well being. It may be just what she needs to rediscover her mindfulness. Purchase her a gift voucher $95. Or buy her some Yoga classes! (call me on 0417423804 to discuss your needs)

Here's to a mindful month of May and some mindful moments with our beautiful mothers.

Om shanti

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