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a reconnection and healing with nature

Natures medicine retreat

Murrah Dream Retreat, just south of Bermagui

3pm Sep 20 - 3pm Sep 22, 2024

Prices include GST 

Do you long for more healing time in nature?

Educating others over the last few years may have left you feeling burned out, disconnected from yourself and others.


Being a teacher means you are often tuning into students needs more than tuning in to your own. Are you under constant stress, with often not enough time to check in with yourself.

Image by Alvin Mahmudov

Is it your turn to receive?

We understand how stressful and disempowering the education system can be.

So, sometimes you have to disconnect to reconnect.


Yoga philosophy has proven over time to be one of the most efficient self reflective and empowering tool for self care.

We are here to share the latest

in trauma sensitive embodiment with you.

Are you feeling fatigued and disconnected with your Self?

Time to explore embodied pathways to befriend all parts of your Self. 

j - Copy.jpg

 A trauma aware space for you to reconnect with your Self

We value sharing the power with you so you feel safe and clear about your needs.

You'll feel a huge shift in your body and mind, and experience how calm and clarity are also your natural stares of being.

You'll be nurtured by our 
sacred southern coastal land

You will immediately feel the healing serenity and peace emanating from Murrah Dream Retreat. 


You'll feel rejuvenated, inspired and connected to mother natures offerings at every angle of your stay. 


Join a morning Trauma
Sensitive Yoga practice

Enliven your body and mind with accessible, mindful movement, breath and meditation.


Learn the 5 principles of trauma sensitive yoga that can be applied to your work life.


Reconnect to your embodied feelings of compassion and trust.

Watch your energy shift ... your students will also benefit.


Our retreat rhythms are designed to reset your biorhythms

The trauma sensitive approach helped me feel comfortable and calm which helped clear my mind. Retreating from the everyday was a real bonus with time to reflect, to think and be still. Heartspace Retreat participant



You can choose to join us at the lilypond for meditation at 7am, or catch up on some sleep.

Your senses will be grounding into the surrounding pristine nature with the sounds of birds, frogs and the silence hum of the distance waves.


You are also free to choose your own rhythms

Local, seasonal. wholefood, that's organic and delicious. 

Your meals comes from Lynette's onsite kitchen. She grows and sources local organic food that is seasonal and influenced by ayurvedic wisdom.


She'll cater for all your needs, including gluten free, Fodmap.

The simply act of eating well loved food from farm to table is so healing.


Enjoy some much needed personal space

The menu of activities we create, help renew a nourishing relationship with Self in embodied ways, influenced by the philosophy of yoga and ayurvedic medicine. You can honour your mind and body's natural biorhythms and are free to choose which activities feel useful for you. From reading a book to learning the 10 steps of iRest meditation, it's your time to enjoy.

You'll be totally taken care of.

I came back more reintegrated as we are already integrated beings as Mohan says ... we just get stuck in our heads more than our bodies.  

Being a highly sensitive person I take in a lot of energy from
Others in my work and personal life
This gave me a chance to reintegrate my body and mind through the breath and movement

And then there's the magic of reconnecting with others

Sharing, listening and caring. 

We are naturally social animals. Yet we understand how our nervous systems need to feel safe before they want to engage with others.

We'll be applying the Polyvagal Theory to all our self regulating practices, guided by the wisdom of our evolving human nature.


Find it hard to let go and deeply rest? 


Each afternoon you'll rest and digest with iRest meditation

Learning the 10 steps of iRest meditation is easy. 


It's your time to be enjoy meditation.

Be guided into an hour long deep restorative integration that is used by the US Military for PTSD treatment, and now part of veterans Whole Health approach to recovering vitality and life purpose.

One hour of iRest is equivalent to four hours of sleep!

Do you appreciate natures wild embrace?

Our private Bunga Beach to expand you mind

If space is what heals you. Then it's all here ready for you.

It's often the wild ever changing wilderness that helps us feel into an unchanging essential nature within us all.

This essential nature, we call




Ready to reduce burnout and learn some yoga skills?


Workshop on the 3 Rhythms of Regulation

You know that professional development is valuable, but what if it was on a topic that helps both you and your students avoid burnout?

3 rhythms - Polyvagal theory  - Gunas


You've maybe heard of your vagus nerve? Or perhaps vagal breaking?

Get to know how your biology can effect your psychology and the power of your survival system - your autonomic nervous system.

Your Retreat Inclusions

nights’ 4 days accommodation at the stunning, relaxed and comfortable Murrah Dream Retreat, commencing 12 noon Friday to 3pm Sunday.

Choice of luxury shared rooms in the retreat home, or luxury Glamping Domes if house fills.

9 delicious meals in house organic, gluten and dairy free, vegetarian breakfast, lunch, dinner, & afternoon tea.

workshop on incorporating trauma sensitive yoga skills at work. Kendra will be sharing the latest on Polyvagal Theory in embodied practice and how to use the principles of trauma care for self care. 

2 optional trauma sensitive yoga classes per day, catered to all levels, including daily iRest Yoga Nidra meditation.

Saturday afternoon Sound Journey in the exceptional Sound Dome by Heartsound, partnership of husband-and-wife musical duo, Vanessa Forbes and Steven Mazabow.

Opportunity to practice Mouna – a period where you are in quiet non-speaking (after dinner to end of breakfast). Please let Kendra know if you decide to practice Mouna so accommodation can be planned.

Relax & swim in the freshwater fresh ionized water infinity pool, share stories around the fire pit, meditate and swim in the pristine lilypond, or nature bathe in the grassy bush path to Bunga Lagoon and secluded Bunga beach.

Welcome bag full of goodies 

Loads of free time to do what feels good for you.

Your home away from home


Room Types and Prices
Book early to receive the early bird discount.
Monthly payment plans available - make your own.
0 deposit to secure your place today.

Prices include GST.


Twin share

Bring a colleague to share this delightfully quiet room away from the living space.

You'll enjoy luxury fresh bed linen, pillows and bath towel provided.

Air co and heating unit. 

Room is next door to bathroom with views overlooking Murrah Lagoon with beautiful sea breeze.


Twin share ensuite


The Blue room shares direct access to adjoining bathroom with a bath and shower. Perfect for overnight toilet visits.

You'll enjoy luxury fresh bed linen, pillows and bath towel provided.

Air co and heating unit. 

This room enjoys views overlooking Murrah Lagoon and has a beautiful sea breeze. 

Share this with your colleague who loves the beach. 


Twin share

private ensuite


Tucked away, with access to both the pool and atrium, this twin ensuite room boasts its own walk-in robe, bathroom and windows that open onto the frog pond. 

You'll enjoy luxury fresh bed linen, pillows and bath towel provided.

Air co and heating unit. 

See yourself resting here in the afternoons after a swim. 


Triple share

Bring your colleagues along to share this delightfully peaceful room directly adjacent to the toilet and bathroom. .

You'll enjoy luxury fresh bed linen, pillows and bath towel provided.

Air co and heating unit. 

Fall asleep to the frog calls and fresh Murrah air.


Quad Share

Bring your colleagues along to share this delightfully pink, cosy room thats not far from the share toilet and  bathroom. .

You'll enjoy luxury fresh bed linen, pillows and bath towel provided.

Air co and heating unit. 

Fall asleep to the frog calls and fresh Murrah air.

Screenshot 2022-10-01 075731.png

Glamping Domes

Watch the stars from your bed and enjoy the wonderful nature surrounding you.


Domes have their own share separate outdoor bathrooms and composting toilets to the house.


Each dome can be made as twin beds or a luxury king bed.


You'll access 3 bathrooms and 4 toilets in the house with an additional 2 outdoor composting toilets and 2 outdoor showers at the Domes.

Screenshot 2022-10-04 202226.png

Glamping bathrooms

Domes have their own separate outdoor bathrooms and composting toilets to the house.

Screenshot 2022-10-04 201117.png
Screenshot 2022-10-04 202144.png
Screenshot 2022-10-04 201248.png
Bring a work colleague, and you
receive a 10% discount
don't miss this opportunity!

Register with your $300 deposit 

This retreat journey is totally for you if

You're a education professional who needs to rest, recharge, have fun and feel confident.

You’d like to establish new yoga based habits and learn tools to avoid burn out.

You want to travel only a few hours from home, and not have to bother with passports, and green miles.

You are inspired to explore a beautiful destination with a group of like-minded humans.

You appreciate a trauma sensitive space that encourages choice making and empowerment.

This retreat journey is not for you if

You are not a teacher or educator

You’ll be very uncomfortable with being in lots of outdoor spaces with new people

You prefer a silent retreat where no one talks

You prefer more private spaces and non share accommodation

You can't walk 50 metres to the Sound Dome facility


About Kendra your retreat leader

Yoga, particularly meditation, has offered me a continuous, sustainable pathway towards self awakening, compassion and wellness. As a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapist, I am aware of the mental health crisis we are in, and offer retreats as a way of immersing ourselves in the 'inner calling and connection' quite often left behind in the busyness of the world.

I acknowledge and am grateful for my trauma aware teachers; Dr Stephen Porges, Deb Dana, Dr Gabor Mate, Sarah Ball, Dave Emerson, Jenn Turner, Thomas Hubel and Kathy Kain.


I invite you to let go of your everyday rhythms, to receive, renew your self confidence and be nurtured in the peaceful haven of the Murrah Dream Retreat.

Do you love exploring sound and music?

Sound dome journey

Imagine the evocative sound of the didgeridoo interwoven with Mayan temple flute and pure angelic vocals that float like a summer breeze over the top of the deep cosmic tone of the gongs.


Be lulled into a place of deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Murrah Dream Retreat/HeartSound is a partnership of husband and wife musical duo Vanessa Forbes and Steven Mazabow


An experience beyond words.

You’ll go home with


a renewed inner vitality and a deeper connection to nature and Self


more energy to give to your family, friends and students

new connections and sense of community

a workbook with notes, and blank pages to continue your journey

ways nutritional meals can improve your mood and energy

ways to practice daily yoga for a healthy nervous system

“Teachers are working longer hours with fewer resources and this pressure is building with an increase of burnout and time being taken off due to mental ill-health.” Associate Professor Aliza Werner-Seidler, Head of Population Mental Health at Black Dog Institute, UNSW Sydney

Your new embodied self care begins with us.

Bring a work colleague, and you will
receive a 10% discount
don't miss this opportunity!

Register with your $300 deposit today 
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