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Reflexology for cancer

reflexology for cancer care


Improved quality of life


Getting the support of an experienced therapist at this time is of utmost importance. You may be feeling disillusioned and frightened with all the changes that are going on in your mind and body. 

Reflexology allows;


A quiet space to be with yourself

A positive environment to 'let go'

Non invasive and deeply relaxing treatments 

A clear perspective to support decision making

Release stored up emotions that can create tension in your body 

Reestablish a new relationship with your mind and body 

Relaxation, crucial for your bodies immune and lymphatic system.

A stimulation and support to the lymphatic system

Reflexology and Cancer Symposium 


In October 2008 the first Reflexology and Cancer Symposium was held in Israel, where 130 delegates from around the world gathered. 

Heres what one of the speakers, Dr. Faure-Alderson told the delegates;

'the body cleanses itself from inside to outside, top to bottom and present to past.' She is emphatic in her belief that in order to treat the cause of cancer, like any other disease, we must reach the initial stressor. She says that 'reflexology works on the somato-emotional approach to disease and therefore has its place in treatment before, during and after cancer.' 


Studies in Reflexology show significant improvements in physical and emotional symptoms of those experiencing cancer, specifically demonstrating that Reflexology aids cancer care;


Lessens pain

Relieving anxiety

Decreasing nausea Decreasing vomiting and fatigue

Improves sleep quality

Lifts mood


Helping the body help itself


Kendra trained with Dr Martine Faure Allderson and Kim Rusten in the Reflexology lymphatic method and CranioSacral Therapy for Cancer Patients. This method is gentle and highly relaxing and is used as a Complementary treatment to conventional treatments.


Kendra has witnessed how many people have rediscovered a fresh confidence in their body's healing ability, even after the ravages of chemotherapy and addictive behaviour.


Kylie W

When I was diagnosed with advanced lymphoma I spent quite a bit of time researching the best mix of therapies to support my healing. Kendra’s name kept coming up, and I’m so pleased that I contacted her. At a time when most of my interactions with the health system were frightening and difficult, my regular reflexology sessions with Kendra were a nurturing lifeline.


Her intuitive touch is deeply relaxing and her thoughtful guidance helped teach me how to heal emotionally while helping my body withstand and recover from chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

And in a year during which most of my interactions with the health fraternity involved pain, fear, nausea, anxiety and confusion, those gentle healing sessions were worth every cent.

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