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Flow Yoga Studio

Dairy Road Precinct Fyshwick Canberra

 ......., 2024

Sunday 10.30am - 3.30pm

Stay for the day $352 or leave after lunch $242 

 a sweet retreat of remarkable rest

Do you feel tired, wired and find it hard to stop? You are not alone.

Our grind culture won't offer you a pause, but we will!

grind culture is violent and exhausting

it praises work, not rest

can leave you feeling run down, hyper tired or wired, tense in your body and sick in the stomach. 


and lost friendships, missed job opportunities, fear of travel, loss of self. 

and if not understood or regulated, can leave you feeling lost and burned out.

but there is a way to come back into balance.


rest is resilience

Screenshot 2024-03-26 184428.png



we will restore

tend and befriend

rest and digest


we'll guide your mind and body into a healing state through iRest yoga nidra

iRest meditation is simple, trauma sensitive guided meditation that renews energy, heals pain and takes you into  deeper states of awakening or sleep 

And you can even sneak in some sleep!

rest is good medicine



because we are mammals

dorsal rest is important for coping with on-going trauma and stress

Dorsal rest is a state of safe dorsal vagus activation or in other words, safe down time. A safe stillness, rather than a shutdown dissociated stillness.

In this mixed state, we feel low energy or immobilization that is tolerable and not distressing.

This state allows your body to rest and heal and absorb nutrition, to access meditative or spiritual states, and to sleep. 


on retreat you'll explore these simple yet remarkable restful yoga practices

The vayu's    

 the balancing fives winds of life force


 iRest yoga nidra   

body deeply rests whilst mind awakens



ayurvedic foot reflexology massage

we'll balance the 5 vayus 

what's your relationship

with your energy?

tired but wired?

bloated and blocked?

butterfly mind?


Anxiety and depression, are often the result of an imbalance in how your life force flows.

A gentle, subtle 5 movements in synchronization with breath, can bring a profound deep inner peace.

Screenshot 2024-03-26 184223.png

be nourished inside and out

it affects your mood too

you'll enjoy author, educator and wholefood chef Angie Cowan's gluten and dairy free winter offerings.

Seasonal wholefood lovingly made with the highest quality organic & biodynamic ingredients.

Got special dietary requirements? I'd love to cater for you. 

after lunch

Biodanza with Kate 

the dance of life is an invitation to dance with life, to progressively awaken your 'joie de vivre' - joy of living

an invitation to experience the pleasure and enjoyment of moving with music, playfulness and connection with others

you could join in, watch, or regulate in a way that suits your energy.

you don’t need to be a dancer to enjoy this, it is natural human potential everyone can access.

What's included over the weekend?

Welcome gifts 


3 trauma sensitive yoga/iRest meditation classes with Kendra


Surrounding country to ground and connect with nature

6 scrumptious winter gluten and dairy free vegetarian meals

Biodanza with Kate Clement


Cooking demonstration with Angie Cohen


Screenshot 2022-08-17 133107.png

we love nurturing you!

relax and be cared for

simply show up and slow down

Angie Cowan welcomes us into her Heartspace residence to be deeply nourished and share a meal around our intentional community dining table.

Kendra supports your experience by helping you make the choices you need over the weekend, to feel well regulated and Self aware.

I came back more reintegrated as we are already integrated beings as Mohan says ... we just get stuck in our heads more than our bodies.  

Being a highly sensitive person I take in a lot of energy from
Others in my work and personal life
This gave me a chance to reintegrate my body and mind through the breath and movement


Your shared accommodation


Room Types and Prices inc GST
$290 deposit to secure your place today.

Share early bird $870 before March 1

Make 3 payments of $290 or in full.

Full payment due one month before retreat.


double or triple share


or request a private room

$870 share early bird

before March 1,

$970 after March 1

$1200 private room

Heartspace Retreat is situated on 14 beautiful country acres. with accomodation in the gorgeous mud brick homestead.

All bedrooms are share style accommodation with 2-3 beds  and are complete with luxe, organic bedding.


Bathrooms are shared and set up with beautiful organic towelling and high quality organic toiletries.


triple share cabins

perfect for your besties

$870 share early bird before March 

$970 after March 1

New accommodation includes delightful triple share cabins with share bathrooms and separate toilets.


All offering King single beds with organic bamboo linen and towelling.



About your retreat leader Kendra

Yoga, particularly meditation, has offered me a continuous, sustainable pathway towards self awakening, compassion and wellness. As a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapist, I am aware of the mental health crisis we are in, and offer retreats as a way of immersing ourselves in the 'inner calling and connection' quite often left behind in the busyness of the world.

I acknowledge and am grateful for my trauma aware teachers; Dr Stephen Porges, Deb Dana, Dr Gabor Mate, Sarah Ball, Dave Emerson, Jenn Turner, Thomas Hubel and Kathy Kain.


You are worthy of rest. Come join us.

Use your initials only then

email Kendra after completion

you’ll go home with


yoga tools to use throughout our day to make rest more productive 

the feeling of being cared for and well rested

the feeling of connection with other like minded souls that value healing

a workbook with notes, and blank pages to continue your journey

more empowerment to do something for yourself and others


We have only 17 places available on the day.

Register with full payment to secure your spot.

The trauma sensitive approach helped me feel comfortable and calm which helped clear my mind. Retreating from the everyday was a real bonus with time to reflect, to think and be still. Heartspace Retreat participant

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