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Getting to the cause of disease


Your face has more than 500 points interconnected with the whole body, and is considered to be a holistic stimulus for the body.

Facial Reflexology is a modern technique that has its roots in oriental medicine and was developed by Lone Sorensen. It is a method that, mainly aims to treat the cause of a disease. This means that, instead of treating the symptoms, the physical and emotional unbalances are identified and treated, that are normally the cause of diverse ailments.

The works Of Lone Sorensen have showed that this therapy has an effect over the totality of the Nervous System and it favors the release of many chemical substances linked to the immune response and to the endogenous mechanisms of pain control. 

The methods that are being used at the moment have passed through long and exhaustive research and through a combined methodology of oriental medicine, the primitive techniques of the South American Indians plus modern research in neuro anatomy.

It has been used to assist with

learning difficulties in children

impaired brain function

cerebral palsy


bell's palsy

parkinson's disease

post stroke

Through stimulation it is possible to send impulses via the C.N.S. to specific organs, cranial nerves, increase blood circulation, balance the body’s chemistry and treat the emotional state. It also flavors the release of many chemical substances linked to the immune response and to the endogenous mechanisms of pain control. It is also possible to diagnose and get a picture of the patient’s health as a part of the same methodology. Lone Sorensen the founder of Facial Reflexology says;

"The main thing about Facial Reflexology is the integration of the whole body through the connection between the C.N.S. and the Meridians, canalizing the electrical flow."

Your first treatment can takes 60 minutes, which includes a gentle Foot Reflexology to integrate the treatment. Depending on the grades of deposits found on the face, a minimum 3 to 12 treatments are recommended on a weekly basis


Whatever it is I have done in the last week, or what you have done last Friday with the Reflexology, I have found myself being much friendlier this whole week. Twice this week I actually didn’t wake up until the alarm clock woke me up. That doesn’t normally happen

Deirdre O

I have been having reflexology treatments with Kendra for over 2 years. I was initially concerned with low energy levels and a general sense of feeling below par. From the beginning I found the treatments extremely relaxing and my energy levels improved. An added bonus was the fact that I also feel more emotionally balanced and less stressed.

Kendra is a caring and nurturing practitioner who has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her professional approach ensures that you receive the maximum benefit from each session.

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