ready to reconnect with your Self?

Begin with a private online telehealth wellness consultation.
 Your well being journey starts today.

What better time than when you are shaken and overwhelmed by the events in the world to reawaken a deeper connection and inner peace with yourself and others? 



Mindfulness Yoga, iRest meditation online classes and courses. Enjoy the health benefits of slow breath centred viniyoga.

Restorative reflexology

Reclaim parts of yourself that bring pain relief, reduce anxiety and restore a more conscious way of being.

Kendra is a health fund provider for all funds.



Benefit from a more supportive, individualized approach and learn ways to reduce anxiety, depression, and recovery from trauma.

Kendra’s mindful yoga classes feel tailor made for you.



Your instruction is excellent. You definitely have a gift! You seem to be able to anticipate the physical experience and even the feelings we are going through.  The pace is just right for me.  Maybe I would have found it too slow when I was younger and I would've got impatient, although, you seem to be able to keep us so engaged, so maybe not.  I love the way you make it all about the mind AND body.  


Wellness Packages

Save money and experience profound healing benefits from a blended program of Reflexology, Therapeutic Yoga, Remedial Massage and Meditation.

Enjoy private wellbeing sessions that may include yoga for anxiety, yoga for depression and yoga for back pain.


Be nurtured whilst you regain a healthy relationship with yourself.

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