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Canberra Yoga Braddon

Are you ready to

reconnect with your Self?


Begin your somatic yoga therapy in Canberra or online Australia wide

and Trauma Sensitive Yoga courses and retreats.

What better time than when you are shaken and overwhelmed by the events in the world to reawaken a deeper connection and inner peace with yourself and others? 




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Is Yoga the same as meditation?
Yes! Meditation is Yoga


 is an evidence informed, safe, natural, tailored way to reduce stress, anxiety, trauma, and depression. 

Are you looking for;

  • mental health support

  • somatic therapies

  • post traumatic growth

  • better relationship with your body

  • pain relief

  • 1:1 personal attention

  • a trauma-informed space

  • a professional IAYT registered yoga therapist

Fantastic session for my daughter who was experiencing major anxiety. Kendra helped her to calm her stressed mind and the difference in how she is now coping is incredible. Kendra is gifted beyond measure and I am so grateful for her calming a troubled mind! Sonia

Do you long for space for yourself in a compassionate community?


The Retreat with Kendra made me realise that I'm not alone in my trauma and there are such generous caring souls they make me feel loved.  Kim Mitchell

I enjoyed the loving kindness floating every second and in every part of the retreat. Jenny G

Oh, Kendra, thank you so much - I don’t know where to begin with how much lighter and supported I feel since the weekend - something shifted - in a massive (good!) way!  


Half day, day and weekend Retreats in stunning natural environments

Trauma Sensitive, local and accessible.

Canberra and  the

stunning south coast.

 Join a 2024 retreat,

booking now!

Safe and Sound Program SSP


The Science of feeling safe


An evidence-based therapeutic acoustic program created by Dr. Stephen Porges designed to reset your nervous system and return it to safety for individuals with trauma, anxiety, sensory processing differences, ADHD, ASD and more.


My mind is feeling calmer with less negative thoughts after the SSP. 

I'm not overreacting like I used to and my body feels more rested.


Kim Mitchell SSP program participant.

Smiling mother and little daughter having fun, listening to music on headphones. Mixed rac
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Welcome to Kendra Healing Arts where the wisdom of your body is welcomed into the process of discovery and healing.

While conventional therapy focuses on verbal processing and symptomatic approaches to transforming trauma, an embodied wisdom approach recognises the individual as the expert of their healing journey.

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