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Tap into the Amazing Healing Power Of Yoga

Are you aware of the various evidence informed health benefits coming from Yoga? This report from Harvard Medical School reveals with clinical research, that Yoga offers so much more than flexibility, strength and tone.

It in fact it has a powerful effect on your whole health.

Harvard Medical School Special Health Report dedicates a chapter offering an overview of the research on yoga's physical and mental benefits. These include;

  • Reduced stress

  • Better physical health

  • Reduced risk of heart disease

  • Improved diabetes management

  • Back pain relief

  • Better mental health

  • Less arthritis pain

  • A sharper brain

  • Less depression and anxiety

  • Relief for PTSD

  • Increased well being

  • Better sleep

  • Better body awareness

  • Weight loss

  • Greater happiness

  • Youthfulness

And it also mentions the WHY?

  • It taps down on stress

  • It reduces inflammation

  • It tones down the vagus nerve

  • It amps up immunity

  • It changes you brain

  • It turns on genes that promote health

This ancient practice backed by modern science is also being offered back in its traditional personalized way through Yoga Therapy.

The best way to start yoga is to speak with Kendra, senior teacher and registered Yoga Therapist who will guide you in to a personal practice or class to suit your needs.

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