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Dr. Seuss and the yoga excuse

Namaste and g’day

Would you like to go to yoga today?

No thanks I would not

No yoga today I’m far too hot

Would you do yoga at home or in the car?

A breath here and there can really go far

I’m in pain and I just can’t bend

Sometimes I think yoga is only a trend

Yoga calms the mind and helps you de-stress

It even helps you to worry much less

Namaste and g’day

I really don’t feel like yoga today

I’m stuck at work in a meeting

And all my mind has taken a beating

I’m too old and too stiff, lacking sleep, got the flu

I know all these excuses won’t affect you

Ah I see, but don’t you know

That yoga gives you a healthy glow

It helps you slow down and breathe and relax

It gives you permission to respond not react

Pranayama, asana, nidra and oms

Grab your mat, turn up and just belong

Yes thank you I know but not today

The kids are at home and my husband’s away

It’s too late, it’s too early, I don’t have a car

I’m anxious and stressed and feeling under par

Would you could you do yoga with us?

Lots of peace, balance and no fuss

No twisting no bending no breathing no oms

Not today not tomorrow no yoga no thanks

Okay if you let me be I’ll try yoga you will see

Say I do like to breathe and twist and bend

My heart feels lighter, it’s not really a trend

My spine is stronger, my mind is free

The light in you greets the light in me

It’s lifting my mood and my attitude is changing

My friends are all here and I feel amazing

So I will do yoga day and night

I will do locust feel stronger in flight

Downward dog, mountain, shivasana let go

It’s all about taking it mindfully slow

My breath is centred I just want more

But Kendra reminds me to release down to the floor

I’m still I’m awake I’m feeling aligned

Namaste I love yoga now I’m alive

I so love yoga

At home and away

I do love yoga


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