reawaken embodied presence

In today's busy, time-poor world, we are seeking the chance to simplify, slow down and develop a mindful presence. We are wanting to feel more loving, connected and a renewed sense of wellness. By experiencing yourself in stillness and learning to be mindful and naturally intuitive, you can enrich your quality of life by realigning with your authentic self. I invite you on the journey to explore the many well-being paths of the healing arts, an intuitive Eastern-based approach that respects the nature of the mind and integrates the traditional medicine of






You deserve support from a highly qualified therapist


Your body deserves the individual attention it desires.

Treating you, rather than your condition, can make all the difference to your long-term wellbeing. 


Kendra brings 25 years of professional practice into her treatment sessions and yoga classes in Canberra. 


Kyanne S

Kendra has a calmness and confidence in her practice, she listens well and explains what’s happening in the treatment. I had immediate results from my first session and I continue to see Kendra to address particular health issues and for general well-being. One thing I really like about Kendra is that she asks you to be an active participant in your treatment– using Mindfulness and other techniques to help you get the most out of your session. I highly recommend Kendra as an adept, wise and caring health practitioner.  

K Smith Canberra

Sarah B

After 18 months of spinal nerve pain and facing surgery, Kendra has reduced my pain dramatically. I no longer need surgery, I can tolerate the mild pain and feel like a new woman. Kendra is an intuitive, sensitive healer and I highly recommend her treatment.

Annabel L

Sessions with Kendra affect my mental well being. I no longer feel like a taker but a giver